Attacks in Brussels : Europe need a common diplomacy

Version : Française, English

On Tuesday 22nd, a terrorist attack targeted Brussels, the European capital.

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Refugee Crisis : Europe’s wrong policy

Versions : Français, English

This is the english version of an article published one week ago. Some changes may have occurred (especially on the EU-Turkey agreement) and thus the article might not be updated. Nevertheless, this do not change my thoughts.

Europe took the wrong way to the resolution of the migrants crisis.

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DiEM 25: “Europe will be democratized or it will disintegrate”

DIEMOn 9th February, the Berlin Volksbühne became the launch pad of a new political force. We already spoke, in our columns, about the project of a pan-european party called DiEM25 (for Democracy in Europe Movement 2025). Continue reading “DiEM 25: “Europe will be democratized or it will disintegrate””